On-Site Health Surveillance

Hi-throughput scheduling

Minimise downtime and disruption

Results reviewed by specialist occupational health physician

Individual Health Surveillance Certs issued

Recommendations and advice given in Summary Report

Expert Health Surveillance on your site

Mobile Industrial Audiometry

Mobile Spirometry (Lung Function Testing)

Vision Testing

Skin, Hand Arm Vibration examinations (HAVS)

Biological monitoring for chemical exposure

Protect Your Staff

Protect the health of your employees by detecting as early as possible any adverse health effects which may be work-related, e.g. exposure to hazardous substances, including biological agents, and physical agents.

Welcome to our website

In late 2015, we have launched the mobilemedicals.ie website to inform business owners and Health & Safety professionals about our Health Surveillance Services.

One objective of this website is to inform the visitor about Health Surveillance in the context of the Republic of Ireland’s current legislation and best practice guidelines.

We have attempted to distil a complex body of technical knowledge into a more concise overview. Our information sources are mostly from the Health and Safety Authority (H.S.A.) and the UK Health and Safety Executive websites.

We have also attempted to place Health Surveillance within the context of an integrated risk control system, as Health Surveillance is best practiced as part of an integrated system and not as an isolated programme.

Each business has its unique requirements and should carry out its own research; the information on this website is for guidance only.


MedWise Mobile Medicals are part of MedWise Occupational Health Services. MedWise was established in 2005 and we provide OH services to employers from our clinics in Naas and Santry. MedWise has been providing on-site health surveillance to our customers since 2008.

In 2013, we launched MedWise Mobile Medicals. We built a mobile medical clinic for on-site health surveillance; we have developed a team of OH Nurses experienced in health surveillance testing, and we have developed the systems to report on health surveillance outcomes.

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  • Audiometry Testing
  • Respiratory Health
  • Vision Testing
  • Biological Monitoring
  • Pre-Employment Medicals