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Forklift Driver Medicals

Medicals for Forklift Truck Drivers

Fork Lift Truck Drivers (FLT) don’t come under the Irish driving for work Legislation.

However, everyone should have a medical before they are authorised to operate a FLT and the fitness standards for driving group 1 vehicles (cars) should apply.

Refer to the RSA guidelines Slainte & Tomaint (March 2015)

Legislation governing Fork Lift Truck (Driving)

For FLT drivers the advice is: a medical every 5 years for those over 45 years and every year for those over 65 years.

However an employer can implement more frequent medicals depending on specific risk assessment

HSA Guidelines: Those selected to operate fork lift trucks should have the necessary level of physical and mental fitness and learning ability for the task. People with disabilities may well be able to work safely with lift trucks. In cases where a disability is potentially relevant to the safe operation of lift trucks employers should seek appropriate medical advice on a case by case basis.

Guidelines recommend that operators possess a standard of fitness equivalent to that required of an ordinary driving licence.

However, for more technical work, such as demanding environments, night driving or moving hazardous materials, it is suggested that lift truck drivers possess a level of fitness equivalent to that of a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) licence holder.

While the HSE does not demand medical assessments to determine fitness to operate a fork lift, the new guidelines suggest that managers may wish to screen potential operators before placement. From there, employers could administer medical examinations according to the DVLA’s HGV licence requirements – every five years for operators over the age of 45, and every year for those over the age of 65.

As ever, medical advice should always be sought if there is any doubt as to a person’s physical or mental fitness to safely operate equipment. 

For UK best practice guidelines refer to:

http://fork-truck.org.uk/best-practice-advice/l117-an introduction#sthash.JKtomSj8.dpuf

On-Site Medical Assessments

MedWise Mobile Medicals can carry out on-site medical assessments on FLT drivers.

The medical assessors are experienced specialist occupational health nurses.

The mobile medical unit has the capability for a comprehensive medical assessment including:

  • Health History Questionnaire
  • Vital Signs (blood pressure, pulse rate)
  • Vision Test
  • Hearing Check
  • Lung Function Check

The medical results are reviewed by a specialist occupational health Physician

A one page certificate of medical fitness is issued to the employer

Should the OH review of the screening questionnaire raise any medical questions impacting fitness for FLT operation, we will recommend a medical assessment with either a MedWise OHP before making a fitness for driving FLT decision.