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Shift Worker Medicals

Medicals for shift workersNight Work is defined under the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 as the following:

night time” means the period between midnight and 7 a.m. on the following day;

night work” means work carried out during night time;

night worker” means an employee -
(a) who normally works at least 3 hours of his or her daily working time during night time,
(b) the number of hours worked by whom during night time, in each year, equals or exceeds 50 per cent of the total number of hours worked by him or her during that year.

Legislation governing Night Working

Regulation 157 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 state that:

An Employer,

(a) before employing a person as a night worker

(b) at regular intervals during the period that the person is employed as a night worker,

shall make available to that person, free of charge, an assessment by a registered medical practitioner, into any potential adverse effects of night work on the night worker’s health.

Medical Assessment of Night Workers

Frequency of medical assessment review

From the H.S.A. guidelines:

Before a night worker commences work and at regular intervals (usually not less than every three years, although this may vary in line with results from risk assessments), the employer must offer the employee a health assessment by a doctor or a person under the doctor’s supervision, to determine any adverse effects of night work on the employee’s health.

The initial health assessment will determine if there is any underlying medical reason why the employee should not carry out night work. This could be a pre-existing medical condition which night work could affect adversely.

The follow up assessments are a form of health surveillance in that they seek to determine if the night work is having a detrimental effect on the night worker’s health.

On-Line Screening Medical Questionnaire for Night Workers

MedWise offer an on-line screening medical questionnaire for Night Workers at www.workfit.ie

The initial screening questionnaire is completed by the employee from any computer / web browser

Should any question be answered with a ‘Yes’, then the second more detailed form will load

These forms are a modified form of the questionnaires on H.S.A document "Guidance for Employers and Employees on Night and Shift Work" (2012) Section 8.2 and section 8.3 pages 37-39

The employee presses the ‘submit form’ button
The completed form(s) will be sent to a Medwise e-mail account
The web-site confirms that the form was submitted
The completed form is routed to a MedWise OH Nurse for Review
If required, the form will be referred to a MedWise OHP for form review

The possible outcomes of the form review

Employee is suitable for Night Work

Hold fitness decision pending

Phone call to employee to resolve issue

Treating Doctor to OHP communication is initiated and received

Medical assessment with an OHP required

Medical condition should not affect suitability for Night Shift work

Employee does not wish to avail of health assessment

The appropriate outcome is indicated on the Fitness for Night Work certificate.

A pdf of the certificate is e-mailed to employee and to the employer HR representative

In-Clinic Medical Assessment for Night Workers

Should the OH review of the screening questionnaire raise any red flags, we will recommend a medical assessment with either a MedWise OHP or with your company Doctor, to determine fitness for night working.