What we do ?

MedWise Mobile Medicals provide on-site health surveillance services to Irish companies.

The purpose of Health Surveillance is the early detection of ill health caused by exposure to workplace hazards.

Health surveillance is a system of ongoing workforce health checks where the employee undergoes specific medical exams to verify that his health is not being affected by exposure to specific hazards.

Health Surveillance may be required by law if your employees are exposed to workplace hazards such as:

  • High Noise Levels
  • Dust and Fumes
  • Hazardous Substances (Lead / Asbestos)
  • Chemical Hazards

On-Site Health Surveillance

  • Hi-throughput scheduling
  • Minimise downtime and disruption
  • Results reviewed by specialist occupational health physician
  • Individual Health Surveillance Certs issued
  • Recommendations and advice given in Summary Report

The objective of Health Surveillance is to help answer two questions:

  • Is an occupational hazard effecting the health of any workers?
  • Are the current hazard control measures effective in safeguarding the health of the workforce?


If you think that you may need our health surveillance services, please contact us by phone or use the Enquiry Form on this web-site.


We would be happy to visit your site to carry out an initial needs assessment that would identify the health risks in your business.

The needs assessment would help us to better understand your business activities, hazards, work environment, potential health risks, current occupational health provision, and your legal obligations.

We will then develop a health surveillance programme designed to meet your specific requirements and priorities.