Custom Fitted Ear Plugs

Medwise - mobile medicals

MedWise Limited are authorised distributers for Variphone custom fitted ear plugs for the Republic of Ireland

Variphone are a full-service audiology company based in Belgium. Find out more about Variphone on Variphone stands for quality, service and reliability |

Founded in 1988, Variphone focuses on the development of hearing protection products and audiometry.

Variphone provide Custom fitted ear plugs for several uses including: music, shooting, motor sport, aviation and of course, industrial hearing protection

Founded in 2005, MedWise provide specialist occupational health services to employers in Ireland.

MedWise Mobile Medicals have been providing on-site medicals to employers since 2013 including industrial screening audiometry.

Compare Custom Fitted to Disposable Ear Plugs

If your company use disposable ear plugs, you know the annual cost of this can be high, and that disposable ear plugs must be fitted correctly to be effective. Custom fitted ear plugs are a more effective, cheaper, more reliable, greener solution.

Compare Custom Fitted Ear Plugs to Ear Defenders

If your company use external ear defenders, you know the difficulties policing compliance, the reduced effectiveness due to wear and tear on the earmuffs, the incompatibility with safety glasses and hard hats. Custom fitted ear plugs are a more effective, user-friendly solution.

Variphone Custom Fitted Ear Plugs Features: 

Hard Acrylic or Soft Silicone Option

Storage case

Cord and clip

User instructions

Metal detectable option

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